Creaky Floor Studio

Your trusted, and go to studio for Mixing & Mastering

Adam Taylor is the owner and engineer of Creaky floor Studio. A post-production studio that specializes in mixing and mastering audio. 



In this stage I'll make your song more balanced, punchier, colorful, and have more of an impact  on your audience.

Along with an afforable flat rate, CFS is proud to be using the latest and most advanced virtual analog technology by Slate Digital. This technology, allows you to have access to legendary hit making consoles, tape machines,  equalizers and compressors. They help create depth, warmth, clarity, and vibe and now your mixes will have that too.


  • Custom EQ, Compression, Balancing, and Panning
  • Amplifying  the emotion and energy
  • Beautiful sonic coloration from Slate digital processors
  • Effects i.e.., Reverb, Delay, modulation, and automation


The final stage before publishing. Mastering is the equivalent of putting a high gloss finish on a very expensive car. It's a process that brings CFS Mixes to their maximum effectiveness . 

Mastering is an art and a science. At CFS the most advanced software and attention to detail is used to ensure quality, and fidelity.


  • Track appropriate EQ & Compression
  • Multi-Band Compression
  • Stereo enhancement
  • Volume maximization, appropriate to the genre 
  • ID tags
  • Continuity between multiple songs

Now for the best part...

For less than $250 you can get a professionally mixed and mastered song! 

Mixing per song is just $199.

Mastering per song is just $49.

IMPORTANT: Mixing services do NOT include vocal tuning, or drum editing. SAVE MONEY and TIME by doing your own editing. However, if you require editing services, those services can be purchased for an additional $40. 
Any questions? Please contact me on the next step page.